LG LT800P & Kenmore 46-9490 Refrigerator Water Filter – Compatible by Bluefall | Drinkpod

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$17.00 $36.00 Buy It Now

So it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant your ice chest’s water channel. In case you’re searching for premium OEM quality without paying twofold for the logo on the mark, this channel is for you.

All Bluefall FridgePod channels include the Drinkpod +3 Advanced Purification measure. Our channels are fabricated to be sans lead, with common coconut-based centers, and sans bpa lodgings, in an ISO9001 office. Also, all channels are ensured and tried by NSF* and IAPMO^ for material security and auxiliary respectability.


  • Up to 500,000 sq ft. That is the joined surface region of only one FridgePod channel center. Our centers are involved huge number of normal coconut-based R-1 enacted carbons that have been pressure formed into a grid with a fastener. Every carbon can have a surface region 30x the size of their span.
  • How would you triple clean water? A great many micropores. The Particle Scrub truly traps particles like sores, the Polishing Scrub ADSORBS tasteful foreign substances, and the Chemical Scrub draws in synthetics and organics through continued introduction to the oleophilic surface.
  • An ensured fit. Each FridgePod channel’s similarity and fit have been checked through maker testing and are ensured to fit.
  • Pay for the quality, not the logo. With Bluefall, quality and the ‘logo charge’ are not totally unrelated. Our channels are fabricated in ISO manufacturing plants, with premium highlights like without bpa lodging, with common coconut shell based carbon, and non-sodium tar.
  • Set aside time and cash. Spare more when you purchase our expansive choice of Bluefall channel esteem packs. Packs range from 2 – 12 channels, contingent upon channel model.