Drinkpod Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 8-Stage Cartridge 2.5L

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$41.99 $59.99 Buy It Now

The Drinkpod Alkaline Water pitcher is intended to refine and normally ionize your faucet water, giving it reviving and fresh taste.

Our extra-enormous and simple to utilize pitcher adjusts your pH level and lifts alkalinity while eliminating destructive pollutants and making your water cancer prevention agent rich.

Remain solid and hydrated with perfect and tasty soluble water.

  • Reward VALUE PACK: The Drinkpod Ultra Alkaline Water Pitcher incorporates an Extra 2 Replacement Water Filters! (3 in box)
  • 8 STAGE FILTER CARTRIDGE of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls, and Carbon. All consolidate to filter – eliminating chlorine, smells, weighty metals.
  • Efficient and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Premium (BPA FREE) Food Grade, solid, inflexible and recyclable AS/ABS plastic – decreases the requirement for plastic jugs. Proposed to change channel like clockwork or 150 liters/40 gallons.
  • Extraordinary DESIGN – Slim pitcher effectively fits in any cooler. Simple to-fill top intended to permit you to fill the supply without eliminating the cover. Simple pour ramble guarantees the ideal pour with no wreck! Ergonomic handle for comfort during use.
  • Eliminates FREE-RADICALS AND ELIMINATES TOXINS with ground-breaking Antioxidants, and High Negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) – Increases energy levels and reinforces insusceptible framework. Lessens zinc, copper, lead and toxins to make an incredibly heavenly basic drink.
  • IMPROVE HYDRATION by reestablishing lost electrons and lessening atomic grouping – permitting your water to all the more proficiently hydrate you. Expands water’s ability to move supplements into your body, and poisons out.