Xiaomi JIMMY B53 Household Blender with LED Screen | Geekmaxi

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Deal Score+1
79.99 109.99 Buy It Now

25000rpm High Speed 1000W Powerful Motor
With its treated steel serrated sharp edge, the JIMMY High-Speed Blender is a substantial blender that completely crushes food, regardless of how thick or thick it is.

5 Intelligent Modes
Organic products and Vegetables, Milkshake, Smoothie, Baby Food and Nuts. One bit of a catch to make flavorful and nutritious nourishment for the entire family.

6-level Manual Speed Adjustment
You can choose diverse speed levels for various taste inclinations and fixings.

Self-clean Function
Clean it profoundly and altogether by choosing the Pulse, which mode isn’t just for mixing yet additionally can be utilized for self-cleaning.

1.5L Safe BPA-FREE Jar and Carry-on Cup
A versatile without bpa cup is accommodated free, advantageous for clients to convey, regardless of inside or outside, refuel vitality whenever.

Treated Steel Blades
With high quality and erosion opposition attributes, 3D configuration to accomplish multi-edge cutting and fast squashing.