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Deal Score+1
5.99 10.99 Buy It Now

Are you still struggling with drilling hole? From now on, with this square hole drill bit, you no longer have to drill hard! With it you will work easier.


  • Ideal for drilling square holes in wood with a mortising machine or mortise attachment.
  • Made of high speed steel. Heat treatment, HRC48 ~ 50, high hardness, elongated core, high concentricity.
  • Fits all mortising machines and drill press accessories. The square drill is mainly used for carpentry aspects.
  • Double effect will be obtained by using a matching mortise and tenon machine. Square hole drilling needs to use electric drill, hammer and other tools.
  • Reduces labor intensity of construction workers, accelerates the speed of construction, reduces construction costs for construction, installation, renovation, decoration industries.
  • Positioning is accurate, does not drift, wood chips will automatically discharge from holes on both sides of the top of the bit, and the bit will not jam.
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