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WalkingPad R1 Smart Electric Foldable Treadmill (CN Plug)

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Deal Score+1
519.99 539.99 Buy It Now
  • 180-degree collapsing, enormously decreasing the consumed space, and the floor space.
  • Upstanding capacity, just 15 cm thick, covering a zone of ​​less than 0.2 square meters.
  • There is a moving roller at the base of the treadmill, which can be put in a little corner of the home to spare space.
  • The engine lodge is completely incorporated with the olympic style sports track and is more energetic.
  • The high-brilliance clear board consolidates the LED light board with the board, and the high-differentiate enhanced visualization makes the movement information more clear.
  • The R1 treadmill has two one of a kind structures, the customary structure can be a treadmill, and the armrests can be put away down to turn into a more space-sparing walker.
  • Brushless engine to stifle clamor.
  • The incorporated aluminum combination material is utilized as the skeleton structure for more noteworthy toughness and security.
  • Wear-safe non-slip running belt, EVA delicate layer with padding impact, smooth layer with low rubbing coefficient, and solid high-thickness fiberboard.
  • Three different ways, straightforward activity. The M steady speed mode can be constrained by controller.
  • Fine controller, agreeable to get a handle on.
  • Foot sense control speed, uniform speed, deceleration, increasing speed three enlistment territories.
  • Various security assurance, beginner speed limit, kid lock work, programmed backup, over-burden insurance