[Upgraded] Charging Case Replacement for Airpods with Sync Button, Wireless Charging Case Compatible with Airpod 1 & Airpod 2, 450mA Built-in Battery, White

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Price: $34.99

Instruction for Syncing:
Bluetooth pairing AirPods 1 & 2:
1.Put AirPods into this charging case;
2.Long press the sync button until green light flashes and then release;
3.The iPhone will pop up a window ‘Airpods’ for pairing. Once it pop up, click to connect.(Don’t click ‘connect’ if pops up ‘Not Your Airpods’.)
4. When pairing completed, close the lid and short press the sync button. Click “Done” on your iPhone to finish the pairing mode.

Battery Level Indication:
Flashing red light (0%<battery level<33%)
Flashing blue light (33%<battery level<66%)
Flashing green light (66%<battery level<99%)
Green light always on (fully charged)


1. Why I cannot sync after following the instructions above?
Answer: Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Sometimes, the earbuds may freeze after long running. In this case, please take the earbuds out of the case, and wait for 24 hours until the earbuds battery run out. Then put it back to the case to recharge about 10 minutes. The earbuds will restart, and now you can start syncing again with previous method.
2. Why do I have only one earbud works sometimes?
Answer: When only one earbud works, please put both into the case and close the lid for over 10 seconds. Then open the lid and remove the earbuds, both earbuds can be used again.

3. Why my Airpods still connects to my phone and battery drains quickly when the case lid is closed?
Answer: The earbuds are not contacted with the contact pin inside. Please take the Airpods out, put it back into the case and close the lid again.
4. Why the icon of charging case shows a triangle on my iPhone?
Answer: Please make sure the firmware on your iPhone is updated to IOS12.2 or above.

Color: White
Battery Capacity: 450mA
Case Battery Charging Time: 3 hours
Airpod Charging Time: 20 minutes

【Perfect Charging Case Replacement for Airpods】- A great replacement charging case for backup in case your original case is lost or damaged. Make your airpods alive again at a fraction of the price.
【Upgraded Pairing Button】- Not only for charging, but also pairing with your iPhone or iPad.
【Large Capacity & Fast Charging】- 450mA built-in lithium battery. Airpods charging: 20 minutes. Case charging: 3 hours(fully charged).
【Support Wired & Wireless Charging】- The case can be charged with either a lightning cable or an QI enabled wireless charger pad.
【Rest Assured】- FCC, CE and ROHS certified. The built-in smart IC chip will protect your device from short circuit, over current, over voltage and over charge.
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