Unstoppable Food & Fitness Journal: Fun & Interactive Food & Fitness Planner for Weight Loss and Diet Plans With Daily Inspirations

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Give it a try, you will love the results!

Keep track of what you eat, prepare diet plans, monitor your fast, develop new habits and achieve your fitness goals with this beautifully illustrated Food & Fitness Journal Today!

You’ll be amazed to find how writing in this journal will help. After recording the details of just one day, you’ll suddenly become more committed to your objectives and develop a new level of awareness. As the days go by, seeing your hard work and accomplishments in black and white will give you the motivation you need to carry on. (Don’t worry if you falter now and then, just be sure to write it down. A little bit of healthy guilt can work wonders!)

It’s got 90 daily pages (about 3 months/12 weeks worth) for you to track your food and fitness activities. It’s simple, fast and easy for you to record the key information you need whilst getting a much needed boost from the daily motivational quotes.


  • Daily Motivational Quotes to Kick Start your Day
  • Progress Tracker
  • Weekly Goal Setting
  • Weekly To-do List
  • Complete Weight Tracker
  • Complete Measurement Tracker

Daily Journal Pages – Which contain:

  • Food Log
  • Fitness Log
  • Meal Planner
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Sleep Log
  • Caffeine Log
  • Feelings and Emotions Tracker
  • Plenty of Space For Daily Affirmations, Reflection, and Notes

It is our hope that you’ll enjoy using this journal and that it will lead you on the road to a lasting lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise. Some of the changes in this edition are the result of comments from professional fitness experts as well as from people who have used previous versions. We sincerely appreciate those kind suggestions and, as before, welcome any new comments you may have.

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