The Mediterranean Diet: 2 in 1 Cookbook with 190 recipes & a Clear Guide for Beginners with 30 Day Meal Plan to Weight Loss. Everything You Need to … Energy and Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle

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Have you desperately been trying to lose weight without much success, possibly because the approaches you follow are too restrictive and leave you feeling hungry and with lots of cravings that just don’t go away?

Or do you get sick too often and wouldn’t mind boosting your immune system while addressing your ailments naturally and have heard that the Mediterranean diet has topped the list of the world’s healthiest diets and would like to learn more about it and possibly adopt it?

If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…

You Are A Step Away From Discovering Exactly How To Unlock The Full Power Of The Mediterranean Diet, Derive All Its Benefits And Turn Your Weight And Health Around, Without Having To Go Hungry Or Battle Extreme Cravings!

When most people think about the Mediterranean diet, pictures of Italian pasta and pizza, and lamb chops from Greece fill their minds. While they seem and taste great, a true Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional foods of the inhabitants of Greece, Crete and Italy that include organic veggies, seafood, fruits and other extremely healthy foods.

That’s why at around 1960, the people of these places were said to have the lowest rates of chronic disease and one of the highest rates of life expectancy. Fast forward to 2020 and for the third year in row, the Mediterranean diet was ranked the best diet overall in the US News and World Report annual rankings!

It makes sense that you are considering adopting it thanks to the raving reviews and the many great things that have been said about the diet.

Perhaps you are here because you have all manner of questions going through your mind for which you are seeking answers…

What is the Mediterranean diet exactly?

What exactly should I eat and when?

Is there a specific way of preparing Mediterranean diet foods?

How can I get started and guarantee myself success?

If you have these and other related questions, then Jennifer Caruso’s beginner’s guide is all you need!

She brings to you a 2 in 1 book that covers everything you’d ever want to know about the Mediterranean diet, including how it is structured, how you can follow it, what to expect from it and how to prepare amazing meals!

More precisely, you’ll learn:

– What the Mediterranean diet is and how it works

– The benefits you should expect from the Mediterranean diet

– How to follow the Mediterranean diet

– 30-day meal plans

– Important tips to assist you adopt and be successful with the Mediterranean diet

– Appetizing Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes

– Mouthwatering Mediterranean lunch recipes

– Tasty Mediterranean diet dinner recipes

– Special Mediterranean recipes that you takes over one hour to execute

– Mediterranean instant pot recipes you will fall in love with

– Incredible Mediterranean dessert and snack recipes

– Extra miscellaneous Mediterranean recipes to widen your selection

…And much, much more!

This book has been specially weaved to make dieting a great experience for you, and thus turns each one of these problems into its strengths.

So even if you feel stuck, hopeless and helpless about your weight loss journey and your desire to optimize your health, this book will prove helpful!

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