The Bariatric Diet Guide and Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Eating Well After Weight-Loss Surgery

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Eat well and keep the weight off with this comprehensive guide to bariatric surgery

Your commitment to weight loss doesn’t end after surgery. Bariatric surgeon Dr. Matthew Weiner has advised thousands of patients in the weeks, months, and years following weight-loss surgery. He understands the eating challenges patients face, and he gives you all the tools you need to eat well, care for yourself, and maintain the weight loss you’ve worked hard to achieve. His approach to eating focuses on transitioning away from heavily processed protein shakes and toward more a balanced, plant-centric diet to keep you feeling your best.

Take control of your new life and build healthy habits with recipes specifically designed for your needs after bariatric surgery. Simple, easy-to-make dishes such as Slow Cooker Yogurt, Apricot-Glazed Chicken, and Cedar Plank Salmon are high in protein, low in carbs, and low in sugar. The Bariatric Diet Guide and Cookbook includes:

   • 100 delicious, satisfying recipes for each stage of post-op recovery with specific portion sizes and complete nutritional information.
   • A six-stage post-op guide to successfully transition from clear liquids and protein shakes to general foods.
   • Expert advice on what to expect pre- and post-op, and how to make small, sustainable changes to maintain your health and weight.

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