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$18.99 $35.99 Buy It Now
  • Talking Hamster Plush Toys.
  • Sound Recording Plush Hamster.
  • Stuffed Toys for Children.

It is very delicate, smooth and mitigating, versatile, and difficult to twist and wrinkle after a treatment of shrinkage in high temperature. With filling of value PP cotton, it resembles a down coat.

Talk unmistakably and record impeccably in any environment,It can imitate your voice, yet additionally recognize the volume. It is even equipped for perceiving the change from the tone of a female to that of a male. With a component of gesturing, it gives additional entertaining and adorable satisfaction.

These Mimicry characters were deliberately built to be a definitive adorable partner. In each part of their plan you can discover exceptional parts that were planned considering the buyer. As should be obvious, the doll is made to sit solidly, so even while moving it won’t fall over.

  • Size:16 cm
  • Color: Gray;, Coffee, Dark brown
  • Material: Soft plush
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