T110 Automotive Vacuum Smoke Machine EVAP Diagnostic Leak Detection Tester

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Deal Score+1
269.99 899.97 Buy It Now

MR CARTOOL T110 Car Smoke Maker is intended for recognizing the spillage of channel frameworks on vehicles, cruisers, for example, fuel pipe, air consumption framework EVAP framework and cooling tank. Interfacing spillage finder to pipe framework, Inject child oil into indicator and produce smoke with it. Once there is smoke victory in some place of channel framework, that is the spillage point.

The most effective method to utilize:

  1. Open the motor spread, and drape the locator on spread.
  2. Separate the funnel that should be associated with indicator. In the event that the funnel should be disengaged in the center.
  3. Secure this side with legitimate shape stopple/pipe, and interface it with smoke yield tube.
  4. Interface finder with DC12V battery: red with positive, dark with negative. Try not to interface in an opposite manner.
  5. Turn on the force switch, and finder begins to work.
  6. In around 3 minutes, the funnel will be loaded up with smoke. Check the hole focuses. If it’s not too much trouble use head light if vital.
  7. After break discovery, if you don’t mind associate well the wires and channel.


  • Power: DC12V, vehicle battery
  • Smoke output value: 6l/min
  • Built-in air supply
  • Controllable flow value


  1. Main Unit
  2. Hook (with hand-tighten nuts)
  3. Smoke output tube
  4. Power cable
  5. Rubber stopples (with serial specification)
  6. Taper stopple
  7. Taper pipe
  8. 30ml oil bottle
  9. User manual