Spanish for Kids – DVD Video For Kids Children Babies Toddlers – Start learning the Spanish language for children 5 years old and under

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RECENTLY ADDED NEW CONTENT TO THE DVD (JULY 2018), NEW VIDEO LENGTH OF 30 MIN.Imagine your child getting early exposure to the Spanish language through the sounds of the vowels with lovable characters and original music. Spanish is a very phonetic language so learning the proper sounds of the vowels will allow children to get a head start in learning Spanish words. This video is geared for children 0-5 years old. Review: This video is VERY well done! It’s simple and easy to follow along with and understand, even if you don’t know much Spanish. The video takes you through a journey following each vowel and gives plenty of opportunities to hear the proper pronunciation of the vowel AND see it, which is key to learning the vowels and to properly pronouncing words in Spanish. This video is very easy to watch and follow along with, and it’s clear what the new words are by the way they’re introduced and the visuals, so not only do viewers get plenty of exposure to the vowels, but they also learn a few new words in Spanish (and this is NOT the case with many language learning videos). My children (1.5yo and 3yo) were very interested in this video and were following along, saying the letters, and truly interested in and paying attention to the video, which is not the case with most movies they watch. We check out Spanish DVDs from our library, watch cartoons in Spanish on Netflix and through Amazon Prime, but this is one that really captured both kids’ attention, and they’ve asked to watch it again and again. The main characters are the Spanish vowels, but it was surprisingly engaging and entertaining for a video about vowels and how to properly say the vowels. As a teacher, I really appreciate that the video has LOTS of opportunities to hear and say the proper vowel sounds. I highly recommend this video to any children learning Spanish, It’s VERY helpful (the best I’ve seen!) and I can’t wait to see what other videos they come out with! ​ – Connie Deal – Teacher and blogger.

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