Scalp Scrubbie 3-pk, Sterile, Cradle Cap and Baby Bath Time Sponge Brush

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Price: $8.99

The Scalp Scrubbie is a gentle scrub brush consisting of a soft foam sponge attached to a brush with over 800 gentle bristles. Each Scalp Scrubbie is individually sterilized, latex-free, and safe for all skin types. The disposable scrub brush can be used to treat the common infant condition known as cradle cap. The convenient combination of sponge and brush provides a perfect bath time companion for any age of child! The Scalp Scrubbie 3-pk includes three individually wrapped and sterilized scrub brushes. Similar to the much-loved sponge sent home from the hospital with your newborn! Makes for a great gift, or an essential household item you never want to be without!

Soft foam sponge attached to a gentle bristle brush.
Gentile. Soft. Sterile. Latex-free. Disposable. Safe for all skin types.
Can be used to treat infantile cradle cap, a common skin condition with infants.
Used by all ages, for all purposes! Multiple ways to use the Scalp Scrubbie!
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