Reckitt Benckiser 19200-83721 LYSOL Brand No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Deal Score+1
6.99 9.99 Buy It Now

Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Complete Clean Tabs – Lysol programmed latrine bowl cleaner complete clean tabs is the main can bowl cleaner that conveys antibacterial assurance formed into the hang-up snare to oppose scent causing microorganisms. Not any more contacting of germy, grimy snares each time you supplant. The normal tablet keeps going a month. Concentrated cleaning cleanser tab disintegrates over the multi week time frame to convey new clean aroma and amazing cleaning specialists to keep your bowl Lysol perfect and new with each flush. Arrives in a helpful 2-pack for as long as about two months of clean latrine bowls. The adaptable hang-up snare acclimates to fit any sort of bowl edge conceivable. The best spot for the tab to hang is towards the rear of the bowl to one side of focus, not in the immediate way of the bowl top off water to forestall sprinkling, yet at the same time in contact with bowl top off water to clean with each flush.

Automatic toilet bowl cleaner hangs inside the bowl to provide a Complete Clean result. Freshens and sanitizes with every flush, for up to four weeks. Leaves a pleasant scent for the entire bathroom.

Type: Cleaners & Detergents
Brand: Reckitt Benckiser
Model: 19200-83721
Color: White