Portable Door Lock Pack Hotel Travel Lock AirBnB, College Dorm Lock,Motel, School Lockdown – Security for Apartment, Additional Safety for Home Living, Door Security Devices

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EASY INSTALL WITH ZERO TOOLS – Universal usage: No need to nail or screw into anything, just put the metal part goes into the hole on the door jam then you close the door, take the red handle and insert into the lock in place, then no one could get in and in case of an emergency you could remove the portable door lock in seconds in the dark! Add XELAR portable lock to provide you with a strong sense of safety.
WIDE FUNCTIONALITY – You can use it at home or many other occasions, such as hotel, school, short term rental and so on, make sure your door has been locked when use it. easy to install without any tools required, the portable door lock is the second protection for home security, bring you better safety and privacy. You can use as emergency kit, interior door lock.
SMALL AND PORTABLE – Small enough to carry in pocket or handbag, this is a very handy device to have when not at home.Keep ones dignity intact. It better then lock chain in hotel door lock. Self defense and self protection for women in trip. Add a portable door lock to provide effective safety and protection for Hotels, Apartments, Dormitories, Bathrooms, Bedrooms.
STRONGER & SMOOTH TOUCH – XELAR travel door lock is upgraded with better performance and durability. Portable door lock made of heavy duty steel, the solid door lock are guaranteed to remain as good as new for a very long time. Used the latest electroplating and polishing technology to ensure a perfect smooth touch , avoid any injury while using door lock. Provides secondary security for travelers, college students, singles.
Portable travel door locks – Are warranted against manufacturing defects. In any case are XELAR responsible for user related damage or damage incurred during installation. The portable travel lock brings you additional safety, security and privacy. Deter children from opening door with this portable door lock.Also stop your smart dogs and cats from opening doors by themselves.(Just suitable for door that open inword).
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