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19.99 39.99 Buy It Now
  • Distinguish any steady or portable radar speed screen ahead.
  • Distinguish any traffic screen or stable camera (around traffic signals) ahead of time.
  • Driving you to drive securely and maintain a strategic distance from traffic fine.
  • ODM and OEM Technology Service for better places and clients.
  • English/Russian voice cautioning, OEM language and voice are accessible.
  • Simple establishment and control, accessible for free establishment and use.
  • Completely 16 groups collector.
  • Two variants: English adaptation/Russian rendition.


  • OSD Language: English, Russian
  • Interface: Mini USB, DC charging port
  • Special Features: LED display
  • Item Type: Alarm system and security


  • X-BAND: 10.525GHz100MHz, detectable distance: 1500-2500m
  • K-BAND: 24.150GHz175MHz, detectable distance: 1200-2500m
  • Trfor iPod K-BAND: 24.150GHz175MHz, detectable distance: 250-1200m
  • KU-BAND: 13.450GHz125MHz, detectable distance: 450-1500m
  • KA-BAND: 34.700GHz1300MHz, detectable distance: 800-1500m
  • Trfor iPod KA-BAND: 33.400GHz1300MHz, detectable distance: 200600m
  • Laser beam: 90433KMHz
  • VG-2: 11.150GHz410MHz
  • Wireless duplex transmission frequency: 2.4GHz410MHz


  • 1 x V7 Radar detector
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x Anti-slip Mat


  • Special Features: Led Display
  • Detection Mode: Police Radar Signal Detection
  • OSD Language: Russian,English
  • Type: Flow Velocity
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Style: Car Style
  • Alarm Distance: 300m
  • Voltage: 12V