Perfect Body Tape Measure – 80 Inch Retractable Measuring Tape for Body: Waist, Hip, Bust, Arms, and More (White)

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How to take circumference measurements with the Perfect Waist and Body Tape (Yellow Side)

pmt body tape measure step 1

pmt body tape measure step 1

pmt body tape measure step 2

pmt body tape measure step 2

pmt body tape measure step 3

pmt body tape measure step 3


Wearing a thin, tight garment, draw the retractable tape out of the case and encircle your waist or any other body part. (Note: the graduations on the outside of the Waist Tape do not start at zero. This is because the measurement includes the curved portion of the top of the case that fits against the body part. The inside graduations are for taking body length measurements.)


Next, place the plastic peg attached to the end of the tape into the hole on the case.

Once the peg is inserted, press the button on top of the case to automatically cinch the tape snugly around your waist or body part. Because the spring tension is always the same, your measurements will always be accurate.


Lastly, record your measurement reading, which is given by the number shown where the tape comes out of the case slot.

As noted previously, basic length measurements (such as height or arm length) can then be taken using the graduations on the inside of the tape (these graduations start at zero).

MEASURES UP TO 80 INCHES; Soft, Flexible, and durable vinyl tape with two side units. Measure to 1/16 inches. Width: 13mm Length: 80″ / 2 meters.
RETRACTABLE TAPE MEASURE WITH PIN LOCK – The measurement tape can be used as a circumference tape measure by locking into place and retracts easily with the push of a button.
QUALITY SINCE 1912 – The Perfect Measuring Tape Company Produces and Supplies Quality Linear Measurement Products from Toledo, Ohio for Over 100 Years.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are confident you will be satisfied with the quality of our products. If you are not, we accept returns within 30 days for a full refund. To discuss any issue or request a refund, please just message us directly via the Amazon Messaging Service.
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