OUGAR8 Refrigerator Door Handle Covers,Keep Your Kitchen Appliance Clean from Smudges, Fingertips, Drips, Food Stains, Perfect for Dishwashers (Red)

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Product Description

ougar8 refrigerator coversougar8 refrigerator covers

Ougar8 appliance coversOugar8 appliance covers



No more …

… nasty food stains and mess.

… dripping sauces and scrubbing all day long.

… dirt, fingerprints and dust.

Find your peace of mind again with our elegant refrigerator door handle covers. Decorate your fridge and keep it spotless from now on. Minimize cleaning time. Minimize hand fatigue! Maximize cooking pleasure!


Complement your kitchen and aesthetically please your electric appliances with our silver refrigerator door handle covers. Keep your fridge tidy, neat and shiny. No need to clean and wash the door handles all the time. We’ve got you covered.

Ideal for those who love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, families with kids and pets and older people!

What You Get:

2pcs(1pair) handle covers : 15.74″Length * 4″Width(Fit around 3.75″–4.15″ handles)

Ougar8 appliance coversOugar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Ougar8 appliance covers

Works In Any Kitchen Appliances!

One of the greatest thing about these refrigerator door handle covers, besides their durable craftsmanship and elegant design is their versatile nature.

They fit around any door handle imaginable. Kind of heat insulation too. From your Fridge, microwave, oven, dish washer,BBQ grill and kitchen cabinets.


We know how busy you are. Save your precious time and hard earned money with our double sided refrigerator door handle covers. They can be used both ways, so as to make the most of them. When you are done using simply toss them in the washing machine and let it do the rest. Sweat free cleaning is for real.

Velcro Sticks and double side using!

Made with Velcro fastening, and filled with quality cotton, it can easily be placed and removed at any time. They stay in place, and will not slip down on your hands. These covers will last you for years, as we used a wide heavy duty strip down the back, with both edges of the Velcro firmly sewn.

LOOSE OR TIGHT? – GIVE US YOUR SIZE TO DESIGN! As a factory of brand handle covers, we can design any size for you. Give us the length and width (Your handle’s perimeter).So we can design a perfect and snug fitting cover for your any door handle. You can cut the handle cover or create a custom made cover. Anything is possible with OUGAR8 fridge door handle covers!

Ougar8 appliance coversOugar8 appliance covers


· … drips and spills.

· … smudges and mess.

· … stains and dirt.

· … fingerprints.

· … dust particles.

· … lurking bacteria.

· … water and sauces.

Awesome, right? Protect your fridge door like never before and do not let smudges and drips make your kitchen look sloppy. Gain control over your kitchen and complement your home décor.

These light grey door handle covers are anti slip, ergonomically designed to fit most door handles and made to last.

Ougar8 appliance coversOugar8 appliance covers


Manufactured of high quality materials, these refrigerator door handle covers are ready to…

… resist multiple washes over and over again.

… withstand some heavy duty use.

… cut cleaning time in half.

… make cooking and meal prep fun again.

… tackle dirty kid’s hands and coloring smudges!

… keep your fridge door as good as new.

Are you ready for this? Grab your OUGAR8 door handle covers today and enjoy!

Being reusable, compact and lightweight, they will never clutter your kitchen cabinets. Ideal for both personal and professional use!

SET OF 2 VELCRO COVERS: Our covers have a Velcro fastening for easier adjustment, and a perfect fit to any kitchen appliance you might put it.
WASHABLE: They are made to be held together in the washer or dryer, and not stick to other clothes.
PERFECT DESIGN JUST FOR YOU: For best results, please measure the perimeter of your handle with a soft ruler. For customization design,Please email us your size.We will give you design link for ordering.
DOUBLE SIDE USE:Longer time for useing
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