Nolah AirFiber Pillow

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$69.00 $79.00 Buy It Now

Nolah’s luxurious down-alternative pillow is made from silky-soft and lofty AirFiber™ filling to create the perfect soft and supportive pillow feel.

Indeed, even the Geese are Envious 

  • Nolah’s sumptuous down-elective cushion is produced using luxurious delicate and elevated AirFiber™ filling to make the ideal fit pad for any sleeper. The cushion is delicate and can be molded to fit any head position. The elevated filling is breathable and combined with Outlast® stage change cover it makes certain to keep you cool and agreeable throughout the night.

Customary Style Pillow Feel

  • The AirFiber™ cushion made with little grandiose filaments is an exceptionally adaptable pad that fits any resting position. The customary feel lets the pad form impeccably to your head.

Delicate and Supportive

  • Delicate and breezy that tenderly backings your head and neck for ideal solace, so you can awaken revived and prepared to handle the day.

Cooling Outlast® Cover

  • Logically demonstrated to lessen surface temperature and ingest overabundance heat, so you never sweat again! The cover is cool to the touch and remains perfectly as the night progressed.