Nolah Adjustable Base with Massage

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$799.00 $949.00 Buy It Now

The adjustable base with all the features! Built-in head/foot massage, weightless Zero-G position, dual USB chargers and nightlight underneath the bed.

Implicit Massage and Zero-Gravity Position 

  • Everything the Nolah Adjustable base has with additional cool highlights! Our top notch base is the ideal fit to your Nolah bedding with head and feet rise, head/foot rub, zero-g setting, double inherent USB chargers, a remote distant with programmable positions and under bed lighting.

Head and Foot Massage

  • Appreciate a loosening up head and foot rub in three unique powers to let the day’s pressure fly away as frequently as you need.

Zero-G and Programmable Positions

  • 14 catch remote controller with pre-modified Zero-G, hostile to wheeze and level situation alongside three programmable positions, so you can discover and spare the position perfectly for you.

Double USB Chargers

  • Charge your telephone simple around evening time with work in USB chargers. Never again search for the missing charger – simply plug in and goodbye.

Underlying Nightlight

  • Faint nightlight underneath the bed turned on by means of the remote distant. Never again do you need to turn on brilliant light and wake up your accomplice to get up.
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