MODERN QUILTING DESIGN: How to Learn The Modern and Geometric Pattern of Quilt, Even if You Are a Weekend Quilter and Do Not Have Free Time, BONUS: Flowers, … (From Zero to Professional Quilters Book 2)

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Why are quilts expensive compared to patchworks? What makes them so unique? Are you looking for modern quilting designs? 

Here is a book for beginners and seasoned quilters out there! It doesn’t matter if you quilt by the weekends. Add to your collection or start your new quilting project with this MODERN QUILTING DESIGNwhere you can learn modern & geometric quilt patterns.

MODERN QUILTING DESIGN features detailed information on quilting from its history, products you can create, to types of quilts you might be interested in perfecting this craft. Let’s not forget that as a quilter, you cannot miss out on the quilting terminologies to guide you all the way, and this is the quickest way to go. Aside from these, readers are provided with a complete list of essential quilting supplies and other pieces of quilting equipment necessary to fill your kit and work station. Jumpstarting your quilting journey comes easy with a step-by-step guide from creating the design, choosing what fabric to use, designing templates to basting and binding. 

Guided by this all-encompassing quilting book, you’ll learn: 

  • A step-by-step guide for creating your first quilt;
  • 5 techniques for beginners even if you have a shake hand;
  • Know, understand and DO the borders for finish your first quilt;
  • Patchwork quilting;
  • Common quilting mistakes and practical ways to avoid them;

There’s more! Bonus patterns are also included in the book, including medallion, flower, and Hawaiian for your summertime quilting project.

Create a new and incredible twist to a traditional quilt design without spending too much. Make your quilts looking modern and fun with MODERN QUILTING DESIGN now!

Click BUY NOW and get started! 

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