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This Luminous b-ball would focus with a Clear Bright Green Light, under nonstop illumination time for a few minutes. The whole night b-ball illuminates for more than 1-3 hours ceaselessly in haziness. The hour of most extreme fluoresce of gleam b-ball relies upon the light power and radiation time. No Need Battery.

The sparkle up ball is anything but difficult to brilliant, which needn’t any dabs to discharge light like other LED light up b-ball. Just put it in the daylight, shower warmer or other solid light for some time, the enlightened b-ball sparkle in obscurity.

Rainbow Basketball Design. Intended for Indoor/Outdoor Play. Incredible for Outdoor/indoor play: To withstand the crude road game. It’s amicable for darlings in road ball games. For the creation of the scraped spot safe material with wide channel configuration offering a Great Grip and Soft Comfortable Touch.


  • Rainbow Basketball Design
  • Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Play
  • Type: Luminous Basketball
  • Material: PU
  • Diameter: 24.6cm