Loftilla Bathroom Scale for Body Weight BMI Scale

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Product Description

Loftilla Smart Scales not only provide your body weight but also BMI of your body. You can track weight and BMI trends in your Loftilla Plus App easily!
Why BMI Matters?
BMI is an easy and reliable way to tell you whether you have an excess of body fat based on your height and weight ratio.

Measurement Tips:
Place the scale on a hard, flat surface.
Calibrate each time. Step onto the scale to turn on the scale, then step off to let the scale calibrate. Wait until you see the scale displays ‘0.00’, then step on the scale again to measure your weight.
Use the scale under the same condition during same hour each day.
Open App to the ‘Measurements’ page before taking measurement.

Easy to get started with Loftilla Digital Bathroom Scale:
1. Search and download Loftilla Plus App in App Store or Google Play.
2. Turn on Bluetooth (Location permission required for Android users) in your phone and start the App.
3. Tap ‘+’ in the upper right corner and choose ‘Device management’ on the ‘measurements’ page. The smart scale will ask you to step on the scale to turn it on, find and tap the device named ‘CS20M3’ on the pairing page.
4. Keep standing on the scale for 5-10 seconds, then you can find your weight shows in both in LED display of scale and your Mobile App, you can also get your BMI in App at the same time.

Highly Accurate – Smart weight scale is equipped with 4 High Precision Sensors in increments of 0.2lb/0.1 kg with 400lb/180kg capacity. Ensure you can get the most accurate weight measurements.
Unlimited Users Supported – Share 1 bluetooth scale with families and friends in home. Your data was stored ONLY in your mobile phone.
Multifunctional – Smart Digital Scale with Step-on technology, Auto calibration, Auto-off, low battery& overload indication, easy to read large number backlit LED display, 2 x AAA batteries included. Measures in both lb and kg.
US-Based Customer Services Provided – One Year Customer Support.
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