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The times of purchasing feline litter and cleaning the litter plate are finished – enter, the Litter Kwitter! This imaginative set shows your feline to utilize the human latrine inside only two months. This is accomplished with three basic advances:


The initial step is to utilize the red latrine connection, which has no opening in the center. Fill it with feline litter and spot on head of the latrine. Your feline will figure out how to hop up onto the latrine to do its business!

The subsequent stage of the Litter Kwitter is the yellow connection, which has a little hold in the center. The measure of litter you include can likewise be diminished, as your feline figures out how to adjust on the latrine seat. When your feline has effectively aced this stage, you can move onto the third and last advance of the Litter Kwitter preparing.

The green latrine connection has an a lot bigger gap in the center and will require only a sprinkling of feline litter. Your feline will become acclimated to utilizing the latrine straightforwardly.

You can continuously diminish the litter until you are utilizing none by any means. When your feline has completely aced the craft of utilizing the latrine, you can eliminate the Litter Kwitter connections.

The Litter Kwitter set incorporates an uncommon latrine seat that fits to every single standard latrine, three preparing connections in red, yellow and green, and an instructional DVD. Litter Kwitter is grant winning and has been created with the assistance of vets, anthropologists and feline raisers. Bid farewell to your feline’s litter plate for eternity!

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