leqingchun Headphones with Microphones, in-Ear Headphones, Ear Clip Wired subwoofer Stereo Headphones, Suitable for All Mobile Phone 3.5mm Interface Devices (Gules)

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Price: $12.99

1. Ear clip earphone, soft and breathable sponge cover, painless, comfortable to wear, suitable for adults and children, hearing protection, fully compatible,
2. Comfortable and stable movement without fear of falling off. Focus on sound quality – subwoofer.
3. According to the multiple test design of human comfort, make your ear sound return to nature.
4. The main line is made of high elastic wire with non oxide copper core, which is not deformed and has a length of 1.2m.
5. The standard 3.5mm plug has been fully covered and can be compatible with smart phones, tablet computers, desktop computers and other electronic products.

This headset can be used directly on a single-hole notebook computer, and it can be used for audition and voice. The traditional two-hole desktop computer needs to be connected to a 1 to 2 adapter cable to achieve the voice function, otherwise it can only be auditioned, not voice

【content include】 Headphone*1 Spare sponge cover*2

✅ The earphone is made of plastic, and the surface is made of metal wire drawing process, full of personality
✅ Length of earphone cable: 1.2cm
✅ Suitable for IOS and Android, built-in high-fidelity microphone, support call
✅ The standard 3.5mm plug is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and other electronic products.
✅ The conductor is made of high purity oxygen free copper core and wrapped with multi-layer tensile material. While ensuring sound quality lossless transmission, the product is more durable.
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