Keto Diet Cookbook For Women After 50: The Definitive Nutritional Guide to Lose Weight Quickly with The Best, Tastiest, And Easy to Make Low-Carb Recipes, That Will Increase Your Self-Esteem

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I know how you feel…

After reaching 50 years old, it becomes much harder to keep your body shape under control, and that’s due to numerous factors, one of them being the slowdown of your metabolism, which makes your body burn fewer calories, therefore storing more fat.

This is why following healthy eating habits becomes crucial for a significant weight loss, and the Ketogenic Diet is perfect for it.

This book is packed with essential information that will grant you a healthy slim down of your figure, to regain your confidence and your lost self-esteem, in fact after reading this nutritional guide you’ll discover:

–     What Is The Ketogenic Diet After 50, And What’s The Easiest Way To Start, so you can have an in-depth knowledge of what this incredible diet is. You will learn why you should start it, how to determine your total caloric goal, and how to prepare for your new ketogenic lifestyle

–     How To Combine The Keto Diet With Intermittent Fasting, to maximize (always in a healthy way) your weight loss, to make the most out of both nutritional habits

–     The Best, Tastiest, and Easy-To-Make Keto Recipes divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Poultry, Side Dishes, Snacks, Salads, Soups, Condiments, and even Desserts, so you can have plenty of choices to decide what will you prepare for you and your family for your next healthy meal

–     An Extremely Functional 21-Day Meal Plan, that will teach you how to organize up to a month worth of meals, so you can save time by having everything you need ready in advance, and always know what to have for every meal of the day

–     What Are The Forbidden Foods That You Should NEVER Eat, so you can know what you can eat, and what you have to avoid, to be able to customize every recipe or cook whatever you like while still eating healthy foods that promote a quick weight loss after 50

–     A Keto-Friendly Shopping List, to avoid those unwanted last-minute shopping sprees that literally steal hours of your free time, and to be sure to always have everything you need ready in your kitchen for when you need it

–     … & Much More!

Losing weight after 50 surely needs some special attention, but I can assure you that it’s really possible, and that is why you don’t have to give up on regaining your beauty and confidence, so…

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