Jumpman Michael Air Jordan Washable Reusable Dual Layer Face Mask MADE IN USA

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Deal Score0
13.81 16.25 Buy It Now
  • Twofold LAYERED: Protective from airborne particles (germs, dust, dust, beads) and air contamination.
  • The rough facial inclusion region of 8 by 5 inches.
  • Delicate and NON-ABRASIVE: Breathable 100% cotton internal coating, 93% cotton 7% spandex external front covering. Reasonable for grown-ups and kids.
  • REUSABLE: Washable texture material. Hand washing suggested. Just non-chlorine fade if necessary.
  • Regular USE: Intended for indoor or open air every day use. Perfect when going through basic food item showcases, leaves, city lanes, rural neighborhoods, shopping centers, blocked air terminals, and transport terminals.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gently rub with cleanser or mellow cleanser under virus water. Balance dry or lay level to dry. Try not to turn or wring the texture.