Jaw Exerciser (First level – 40lbs – Beginner)- Facial and Neck Toning device, Slim and Tone Your Face – for Men/Women – Hiking Fitness… (Blue)

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Jaw Exerciser – Jaw and Neck Toner – Hiking Fitness – to build up the muscles of the face and neck and to reduce the effect of a double chin.

Reasons Why The Jaw Exerciser Will Improve Your Jaw Muscles And Face

– Suitable for all adults wants to tone, firm, and enhance the whole facial to neck area.
– For anybody looking to achieve a slimmer face, or reduce the double chin effect, Jaw Exerciser is your solution.
– Thanks to its small size, it fits easily in your pocket and you can continue with your Jaw excercise anywhere.
– For the males, Jaw Exerciser can help you get a distinctive masculine jawline and increase metabolism by the constant chewing motion.
– For the females, Jaw Exerciser can help tone and firm the jawline and activate all of the facial muscles, creating a younger appearance.

Recommended Workout Scheme
Week 1
– Start with Beginner Level 1 (Blue – 40 LBS)
– Perform 5-10 sets to failure every day

Week 2
– Add numbers of sets and increase intensity
– Perform 10-20 sets to failure every day

Week 3-6
– Start with Advanced Level 2 (Red – 50 LBS)
– Perform 15-20 sets to failure every day
– Superset & drop set with Level 1 & Level 2
Week 6+
If you feel like your jaw can handle another level we recommend using Level 3 (Black – 60 LBS). Do not use this product before 6 weeks of warming up your facial muscles with our other 2 Levels.
#4 Measure Results
Before you start we suggest that you take a picture of yourself with clear lightning. Then after 4-8 weeks+ of frequently exercising with Jaw Exerciser take a new picture and see if you’ve made some progress.

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🏃‍ EASY WORKOUT – Can do workout at any place and anytime due to its hands free design.
🍽️ REDUCES MUNCHIES – Chewing Has Been Proven To Reduce Cravings, Leading to Increased Weight Loss.
😍 HANDY – It fits easily in your pocket and you can train with it everywhere
😀 REINFORCE YOUR LOOK – Activates 57+ Muscles of the face Makes You look Younger And Better With A Chiseled Jawline
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