Inspire Your Home: Easy Affordable Ideas to Make Every Room Glamorous

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Instagram star and founder of Inspire Me! Home Décor shares her creative and elegant interior design secrets so you can create a glamorous yet cozy home without spending a fortune.

Farah Merhi launched Inspire Me! Home Decor in 2012 as a creative outlet during a transitional time in her life. Farah was about to graduate college and planned to attend law school. Going through the motions and feeling unfulfilled in her career choice, she built up the courage to face her truth. Taking time off to figure herself out, Farah, through a remodel project in her home, had her “ah-ha” moment. The importance of taking care of your home, specifically in the way you clean, organize, and design, was instilled in her at a young age, but she didn’t realize how much of an impact her upbringing had until she owned her own home. Farah knew she had found her passion and calling, and was determined to inspire home owners to live their best lives in their homes.

Farah believes that taking care of your home is essential to your peace of mind. Her design style is elegant and glamorous but infused with warmth and coziness, creating a welcoming feel with neutral color palletes, soft and inviting fabrics, and exquisite design details that can work in any room. She believes you can make a statement without sacrificing an inviting feel to your rooms. There is no right and wrong when it comes to designing your home and Farah encourages you to focus on the overall look and feel you desire, and her tips and advice will help guide you through the process.

Starting with her most frequently asked questions about paint color versus wallpaper, lighting and rugs, home organization, and of course styling, Farah walks you through every room in the house from the mudroom to the kitchen and kids’ bedrooms. Along the way, she includes quick seasonal updates on a budget, suggested routines for maintaining your space, and her unique reward system, which includes small styling vignettes around your home.

Woven throughout are Farah’s personal stories that will feel like you’re getting design advice from a close friend. Everyone deserves to walk into a beautifully decorated home every day—now you can, with the inspiration and practical tips in Inspire Your Home.

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Looking to change things up? Tile may look grand, but I love the warmth of wood floors. Look into engineered wood or vinyl wood flooring that looks like real wood but can be water and scratch-resistant. If you have wood or tile floors, a rug is a great way to bring warmth and coziness into a space.


Curtains are another great way to add warmth and texture or soften the look of a room. I like to hang them high, just below the ceiling, and have them just touch the floor. It makes a room feel grander and gives the illusion of higher ceilings.

Coffee Tables

Take the time and invest in a beautiful table that will complement your space. I have a mirrored coffee table, which adds a glam focal point to the room.


No matter your style, my rule of thumb is to pick a neutral color, such as white, tan, or gray. Sofas are a big investment, and if you go with a neutral color, you’ll be able to switch the surrounding color scheme without having to buy brand-new furniture each time.


Accent Chair

Accent Chair

Fresh and faux flowers add a punch of color and bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

Three is the magic number. This table lamp anchors the side table, while the decorative box and mercury candle balance out the space without taking away from the lamp’s gorgeous base.

Pick an accent color. Look for inspiration and notice what colors you’re drawn to.

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