HOME-X Black Mug with Mug Warmer Set, Coffee Accessory for Home or Office, Small Electric Coffee Mug Plate Warmer, Heated Mug Coaster, 3 1/2″ D x 4″ H, Black

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Do you find yourself setting your cup of coffee down only to come back much later to an ice-cold cup? At the office, sometimes you can’t predict what will pull you away. Or perhaps you’re just a person who likes to sip your coffee or tea slowly. This cute coffee warmer and mug set is the perfect solution for everyone. The miniature electric hot plate plugs in and generates a low, gentle heat that keeps your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa warm for however long you take to drink it. This is a great gift for any coffee or tea lover who hates microwaving coffee or pouring a new fresh cup every time it goes cold. The set includes a high-quality ceramic black mug for efficient heat conduction and an electronic, plug-in coaster with a 3 ½ inch diameter. It can be used with any mug or cup designed to hold hot liquids. Simply plug the coffee cup warmer in, and the red display light will show it is heating up. Then place your cup on the heating surface. It works best to keep already-warm liquids hot. Cold drinks may take longer to heat up. The included coffee mug is dishwasher safe; however, the electric coaster should never be soaked or submerged in water, as it may damage the electronics inside. Instead, wipe it down with a damp cloth, and let it air dry before next use. Surprise your boss, family member, or friend with a practical gift they’ll love and use every day.
KEEP YOUR COFFEE HOT ALL MORNING: Are you tired of putting your coffee mug down and coming back only to find it ice-cold? Mornings can get busy, but with this convenient coffee warmer, you can always have a warm cup waiting for you at your desk. It’ll work for more than just coffee, too. Use it for keeping tea, hot cocoa, or soup hot.
MATCHING MUG: This coffee mug warmer comes with a matching ceramic mug designed to fit perfectly on the electric plate. However, you can use this electric plate coaster for any kind of mug or coffee cup. It’s safe to use with any cup designed for hot liquid. The surface of the heated coaster is 3 ½” in diameter.
EASY-TO-USE DESIGN: This simple electric hot plate for mugs is designed to be intuitive to use. Simply place your mug on the plate and plug it in. The red display light will turn on when the coaster is in use. The electric plate slowly heats up for safety, so cold liquids may require more time to warm up. For best results, use it to keep your already-hot cup of coffee warm longer.
MATERIALS THAT LAST: The durable mug is made of high-quality ceramic and is dishwasher safe. The electric heated coaster is made of tough, spill-resistant plastic. Do not wash the coaster in the dishwasher or soak it, as it may damage the electronics inside. Always make sure the coaster is unplugged when not in use.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This is a perfect gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life. Know someone who spends long hours at the office or who has to sip a cup of hot cocoa before bed? This cup warmer is a wonderful winter accessory and makes a great stocking stuffer, holiday present, or white elephant gift for the office Christmas party.
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