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Frsky Horus X12S and X12S with installed ISRM RF Transmitter

Horus RC
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399.99 595.00 Buy It Now

On the two sides of the transmitter, at the top and in the two sides we can discover 4 switches (two in the front board and two at the top). Six of which are 3 position and the other two are 2 position switches. The one on the privilege is sprung and returns to its unique state. Yet, there’s much more: at the back, we can discover sliders with an extremely delicate and smooth feel to them.

Still in the top part, in the center and under the showcase we can discover three turning catches. In the two closures we can discover a few pots with a delicate touch. The focal one contains an amazement, as it’s a 6 position encoder that will permit us to arrange, for instance, up to 5 diverse flight modes in one and only catch!

Under the turning catches we can discover 4 different catches: two for the vertical cutting and two that can be relegated to do custom capacities. The trims are the dark ones. Beneath them are the even trims (likewise dark) and encompassing the force button, two vertical sliders that may help to remember a blending console. Furthermore, by and by when moved all you feel is extraordinary perfection.

To polish off, in the lower part of the front plate the Horus has a few catches, to be worked with your thumbs, to explore through the setup menus of the transmitter.

As it tends to be seen at look, this is a transmitter with endless controls for each taste. It’s difficult to miss the mark in catches!


  • 1 x FrSky Horus X12S Transmitter (Carton and Aluminum Package)
  • 1 x 2000mah battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Back strap
  • 2 x Keys