Elimoons Webcam Cover Slide, Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Laptop Camera Cover Slide Blocker for Computer MacBook Pro iMac PC Tablet Notebook Surface Pro Echo Show Camera Protecting Your Privacy Security

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Elimoons Webcam Cover SlideElimoons Webcam Cover Slide

Elimoons Webcam Cover Gives the Most Effective Protection of Your Digital Life

Why you need a webcam cover?

Research shown that organizations and people all over the world are infiltrating our webcams, taking pictures without our notice. So covering your webcam is essential to stay protected!

Webcam Cover Slide Blocker for Laptop Computer, MacBook, iPad,iMac, Tablets PC, Echo Spot, Camera Cover Sticker Protecting Your Privacy Security

webcam cover slidewebcam cover slide

Universal Design: Elimoons Webcam Cover Slide is compatible with most Laptop Computer, Smartphones, iPad,iphone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Tablets PC, PS4 and all-in-one desktops. Many pieces package, meet your all cameras need






Metal Magnet


3-Pack Metal

6-Pack ABS

6-Pack Round Hole



webc camera coverwebc camera cover


– Someone could be watching you through your webcam, without you even realising.

– There are more and more reports of innocent internet users that are being subject to unauthorized access to their webcam.

– Most hackers use malware or remote administration tools (RAT) to gain access to random users’ computers and record their activity by webcam sessions, your actions could become public if your webcam becomes hacked.

– The only way to protect your privacy is to cover the camera when you are not using it.

webcam cover for laptopwebcam cover for laptop


– It is made with a high quality plastic material with the strong adhesive. It stays on strong when attached. Simply align to your webcam, attach and press firmly for seconds for a strong fit.

– However, the non-permanent seal can be removed if needed and there will be no glue residue

camera cover

camera cover

webcam cover

webcam cover

webcam cover

webcam cover


– Clean the surface of your devices.

– Remove the blue tape behind.

– Align hole on the cover over camera lens and press.

– Slide the cover to open and close the camera.


– Color: Black/Black+ White

– Product Size: 18.5mm (L) 0.7mm(Thick) 9mm(W)

– Simple to use.

Clean minimalist design.

Works with laptops, desktops, smartphones.


– It measures only 0.027 inches in thickness which means it will not interfere with the closing of your laptop lid, perfectly combine with your devices.

– Does not interfere with webcam use or indicator light.

【Upgraded adhesive】equipped with upgraded 3 m adhesive, ensuring its staying put on different flat surfaces and glasses and long-term protection FOR YOUR privacy and security.
【Easy to Install and Use】You can easily tear off the back sticker,then attach it to your webcam,press it firmly in place and hold for about 10 seconds for a strong but non-permanent seal.Simply place your finger on the magnetic slider and slide to cover or uncover your webcam.
【Ultra Thin&Fit on Most Devices】ONLY 0.027in THIN, thinner than credit card, never prevents laptops from closing. Compatible with most Laptops,Macbook,Macbook Pro, Tablets,Echo Spot,Echo Show and All-in-one desktops, protecting your personal privacy from everywhere.
★ Privacy is hard to come by in this day and age. I don’t know about you guys but i’m not a fan of a camera staring at me in my face all the time whether its on or not.
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