Electric Nail File Drill for Baby No Sharp Claws Hurt, 6 in 1 Safety Cutter Trimmer Clipper for Toes and Fingers (Blue)

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Professional Care for Your Baby Nails:

Are you worried about your baby scratching their face while they are sleeping, playing or learning to grasp things?

Do you hate having to stick their little hands in baby mittens because it stunts their development?

If so, you need our Baby Nail File. Our Baby electric trimmer comes with 6 different file textures for each stage of baby’s development and it comes with a handy storage case. Our nail kit helps trim , clip and polish fingernails and toenails in seconds using safe, effective sand paper that’s soft on cuticles and nail beds.

Operation Steps:

1. If the baby’s nails are long, scissors to remove a little.

2. According to the age of the baby, choosing the corresponding grinding head.

3. Connect the grinding head and the interface

4. Gently hold the baby’s hand, choose the appropriate speed. 6 Grinding Heads:

For Baby Use

Yellow one: for 0~3 months old baby

Pink one: for 4~11 months old baby

Blue one: for over 12 months old baby or toddlers

For Adult Use

White one: used for polishing the toenails or fingernails

Stainless grinding head: for adults polish the the nail, Remove dead cocoons and dead skin

Cylinder grinding head: for adults to polish the edges of the nail

Product Details:

One-Button Activation

Multiple Speeds and Rotation Patterns

Soft LED Front Light Whisper Quiet Motor

Compact, Lightweight Design

Safe on Baby’s Finger and Toe Nails

Compact Structure – The nail clipper is extremely lightweight and sleek so it can be carried in a purse or handbag when you are outdoors or traveling.
Noiseless – Equipped with a whisper-quiet motor, you can file nails even as the baby sleeps, without causing any disturbance.
Sophisticated Accessories – This nail file comes with cushioned sandpapers for babies and children, and attachments for adult use too.
100% Safe – The nail trimmer is gentle on delicate nail beds and cuticles, so you can swiftly trim and polish those little toenails and fingernails.
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