Drinkpod Pro Series 6 Bottleless Water Purification Dispenser

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$319.00 $449.00 Buy It Now

The Drinkpod Pro Series 6 Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser is thin and alluring and includes an exceptional blue drove complement light, that will add a lovely touch to any home or office setting. With two free temperature modes, this water cooler is equipped to meet and surpass all your drinking requires. From a steaming hot cup of Chai tea, or a fresh invigorating glass of chilled delectable water, each drop of super unadulterated water sifted through the Ultra Fine filtration unit will leave you needing more. The Drinkpod 6 Series interfaces with a current water line to flexibly unadulterated separated water however its ULTRA +3 filtration innovation contained inside an attractive entryway in the water cooler allocator A total establishment unit is incorporated with an itemized simple to understand manual and representations to get you set up in under 30 minutes. The Drinkpod 6 is likewise outfitted with Ice/Café Connect and can give decontaminated separated water to up to 2 extra apparatuses like your ice-creator and coffeemaker

Accessories Included:

  • Ultra +3 Advanced Purification Pods – 3 Water Filters
  • Complete Installation Kit
  • Guidance Manual

Item Features:

  • Never Buy Bottled Water Again: Just one bunch of ULTRA 3 channel cases in your Drinkpod is fit for creating up to 7,200 half liter containers worth of unadulterated and delectable water.
  • Consistent Flow: The Drinkpod 6 is fit for giving a constant flow of delightfully unadulterated water. Water is provided to the apparatus through its normalized 1/4 inch speedy associate port.
  • Hardened Steel Insides: Utilizes food grade T304 treated steel hot and cold water tanks.
  • One of a kind Blue LED Accent Light
  • Two Temperature Modes with Mechanical Controls: The Drinkpod 6 Series highlights cold, and hot temperature modes (with kid wellbeing lock), each constrained by an autonomous mechanical container.
  • Ultra 3+ Advanced Purification System: Concealed inside the Drinkpod bureau are three committed scour units that make up the ULTRA +3 progressed decontamination framework. These incorporate a synthetic/natural clean, ULTRA scour, and cleaning scour. One bunch of these all-encompassing life channels will last a whole year for the normal family unit. Supplanting is as basic with the EZ-contort mounting framework.
  • Kid SAFE: The Drinkpod Water Dispenser includes a youngster wellbeing lock on the boiling water ramble so the whole family can utilize it straightforward.