Dr Sebi: Your Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss And Natural Detox Your Body With The Dr. Sebi Diet. Includes 220 Alkaline Recipes For Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Alkaline Food List And Approved Herbs

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Have you ever heard about Dr. Sebi and his amazing diet? Do you want to lose weight and improve your health? Would you like to eat anything you want, whenever you like, while still getting leaner, healthier, and fitter?
Keep reading to discover more about it!

Dr. Sebi is a self-taught African American herbalist, naturopathic doctor, and healer born and raised in Jamaica. He has healed many people worldwide with his natural herbal remedies and raw vegan diet plan known as the "Sebi Diet."

It may sound impossible, but Dr. Sebi, a nutritionist, has found a formula that will let you eat whatever you want without gaining weight! The formula is based on an entirely new understanding of nutrition designed to conform to modern lifestyles.

Dr. Sebi explains the importance of using raw vegan foods very rich in enzymes which are necessary for a strong immune system.

Another important element of this diet is "Detox Baths." They consist of various herbs that are soaked in baking soda and hot water, then poured into a bathtub and taken daily to help cleanse your internal organs. The detox baths can be purchased at most health food stores or made at home.

The present book will help you discover more about Dr. Sebi diet, all its benefits, and how to start it.

Don’t you just love this?
Obviously, we do. That is why this Dr. Sebi Cookbook is written to be your ultimate guide on weight loss, natural body detox and has over more 220 alkaline recipes!

This manual covers:

  • Who is Dr. Sebi, His diet and benefits
  • Dr. Sebi’s life philosophy
  • Why should you take detox baths?
  • Why should you be fasting?
  • How Toxic Foods Increase The Risk Of Disease
  • Dr. Sebi Diet Recipes (Soups stews and sauces, Main dishes, Salads, Vegetables, Snacks and bread).

…And so much more!

Dr. Sebi is a true healer of our time who has done wonders for thousands of people worldwide with his natural holistic treatments and raw vegan diet plan that is considered by many to be a miracle cure.

In this book you will find also many recipes, full of tasty, fresh, and healthy that will encourage you to maintain a clean and alkaline-balanced lifestyle. Dr. Sebi is not just a diet product; it is a lifestyle manual that will teach you the basics of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This is a 100% family and kids-friendly diet and recipes book. Those who are into sport and fitness will love this cookbook as well. Be it for muscle gain, weight loss, or for a simple way to continue a healthy lifestyle without feeling hungry, this cookbook has it!

So, what are you waiting for? Click "Buy now" to improve your weight and live longer and healthier!

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