Diet for Menopausal Women: A Lifestyle Plan to Healthy Weight Loss, Balance Hormones,Boost Your Energy and Reset Your Metabolism The Complete Guide to Ketogenic Diet For Women

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Are you a woman who is now experiencing the menopause?Has this change in your body also affected your weight?Would you like to lose the excess pounds and get back t0 the body you know and want?

Getting older and entering the menopause can be a strange and difficult time for a woman. The changes in sleep patterns, hot flushes, low sex drive and other symptoms can be draining but it is often the weight gain that most women find hardest to accept. Over the year there have been numerous diets that have promised much and delivered little. Thankfully, that has now changed.

In this book, Diet for Menopausal Women: A Lifestyle Plan to Healthy Weight Loss, Balance Hormones, Boost Your Energy, Reset Your Metabolism and the Complete Guide to the Ketogenic Diet For Women, you can deal with the symptoms of the menopause head on and lose weight with chapters that offer advice on:

• How the body changes with menopause

• An overview of the ketogenic diet and how it works

• The importance of the keto diet when it comes to aging

• How it can prevent serious medical conditions

• Balancing your hormones

• Boosting your energy and vitality

• Foods to eat and avoid

• The importance of exercising

• A range of recipes

• And much more…

The menopause is something that most women will experience in their lifetime. It can be a challenge to deal with the changes it imposes on your body but it should not be something that defines you or alters your quality of life.With Diet for Menopausal Women you can now at least tackle the thorny issue of weight gain with a confidence that will allow you to live the way you want once more.

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