Collapsible Colander, McoMce Silicone Collapsible Strainer, Folding Heat Resistant Collander Set, Kitchen Colander Strainer Veggie Wash Fruit & Vegetable Wash, with Handles Pasta Strainer(2 Pack)

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McoMce Collapsible Colander
Food-grade silicone material are used for all collapsible colander, very safe to use.
Folding strainer can be folded up to 2 inches high, so you can save space in the kitchen.
Round kitchen colapsable collander with handle can be operated with one hand.
There is an opening on each side of the edge that can be hung on the wall to save kitchen space.
Colinders are used to filter pasta, potatoes, broccoli and a variety of foods in various vegetables and fruits.

With Handle Size: 13.77 * 7.87 * 1.57 inches
No Handle Size: 11.5 * 9.25 * 3.52 inches
Color: Red

Care Instructions:
Put it in boiling water for one minute before use and disinfect it.
After use, wash and dry, and put it in a dry and ventilated place.

Package Included:
2 * Collapsible Colander

High Quality: Food-grade silicone material are used for all collapsible colander, very safe to use. Washable, no fading, no deforming, very durable, good heat resistance and easy to clean.
Widely Used: Collapsible strainer and does not take up space in the kitchen cabinet. Collander perfect for draining pasta, vegetable, fruit, meat and other food.
Drain Design: The hollow design at the bottom covers even water filter holes, allowing water to be easily filtered, light and comfortable.
Space Saving Design: Colanders can be folded to less than 2 inches, comfortable handle, comfortable grip, can be hung, easy to extract, save a lot of space in your kitchen, so that you can conveniently store it in any kitchen drawer, cabinet or drying tray.
Package Included: Strainers and colanders have 2 different sizes, one with a long handle and one with a short handle. Kitchen colander strainer can be used in different occasions. You can use it in or above the sink, and it can be placed independently on the counter or table
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