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Selavif coffee mug warmer for desk auto shut off-timing & temperature control-Sip your coffee leisurely as long as you like

selavif coffee mug warmer selavif coffee mug warmer

There’s nothing like a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning or afternoon.

Let’s set the scene – you pour yourself a nice cup of coffee. It’s hot, far too hot to drink – not right away.

You’re at the office and one of your colleagues calls you over, asks for your assistance for a minute. This minute quickly turns into fifteen……

You carry your coffee from the break room to your desk, then work happens. E-mails roll in, a project that was supposed to be finished yesterday didn’t quite make the deadline.

Or, you’re at home, a phone call, a crying baby, a knock at the door……

Within the shortest span of time, your attention is now redirected, and your mind starts to wander.

An hour or so ​later, you reach for your coffee and it tastes like cold, congealed mud.

Why not invest in a mug warmer to keep your preferred beverage from getting cold in the first place?

coffee cup warmer platecoffee cup warmer plate

My secret to a perfect cup of coffee

Coffee cup warmer Coffee cup warmer

Leisurely coffee drinker who appreciates the affordable mug warmer

Like most avid coffee drinkers, our body requires multiple cups of joe throughout the day:

If you are a very slow drinker,

If you like to leisurely sip your afternoon coffee,

If you don’t want your coffee loses its heat and appeal like leftover french fries,

If you want to keep your coffee drinkable anytime, no matter how long you leave them unattended.

Selavif can help, our coffee mug warmer will be your favorite gadget!

Arm yourself in the fight against cold & stagnant coffee

With the use of a selavif cup warmer, it doesn’t have to be this way – you can enjoy your coffee at a constant desired temperature for hours – the entire time that it’s in the cup.

Our coffee mug warmer have some fun, interesting, and helpful features so we’re sure it suits your needs and style.

The small gadget is designed to keep your cup of coffee (or tea, hot cocoa, etc.) warm while plugged in.

It’s also super easy to use — all you have to do is touch screen, and you get instant warmth!

Not only does this brilliant gadget cut back on wasted coffee grounds but it’s also saving you money.

Just stay home and brew your own stuff than a latte at a coffee shop.

Why Choose Selavif Coffee Mug Warmer?

waterproof heating glass plate

waterproof heating glass plate

Cup Warmer LED Touch Screen Controller

Cup Warmer LED Touch Screen Controller

mug warmer 2 temperature setting

mug warmer 2 temperature setting

Waterproof Glass Heating Surface

We select the glass as the heating surface of our beverage warmer. In addition to easy cleaning, it brings Selavif mug warmer with the waterproof function.

This design avoids trouble when we accidentally spill out the liquids. In the meanwhile, it makes our device more elegant.

LED Touch Screen Controller

Features touch-tech controls, a vivid and easy-to-read LED display, you can clearly see what temperature level you selected and and set the powering-off time freely between 1-12 hours.

The device appearance is more elegant, improving the technology sense in use and gifting the high-quality texture of life.

2 Temperature Levels & Timing

With the one-touch control design, you can easily switch the temperature level between 104℉(40℃) and 140℉(60℃).

P1: Constant Temperature Botton: 104℉-122℉ (40℃-50℃)

P2: Heating Bottom:

122℉-140℉ (50℃-60℃)

The left button is timing function.


Due to the natural heating loss in heating conduction, this temperature is heating plate temperature.

It does not support to boil liquids. Designed temperature is for health needs of the human body, so don’t expect it to heat your drink very hot like a microwave or a kettle.

Coffee is easy enough to reheat. Place it in the microwave set for thirty seconds and you’ll have piping hot coffee –easy.


The issue with reheating coffee is that it majorly affects the delicate flavors of the coffee. It essentially cooks it, which is not ideal.

This is where a mug warmer comes in – it will keep your coffee at a perfect but not-too-hot temperature, allowing you to be as distracted as you want, without being punished with stale, reheated coffee upon your return.

Coffee Mug Warmer Technical DataCoffee Mug Warmer Technical Data

Detailed Discription

The 18-watt mug warmer measures 4.53 x 4.53 x 0.79 inches, while the hot plate is 3.15 inches wide. Selavif R&D center suggests using mugs with flat bottoms for better results.The cord is about 60 inches long adds for increased mobility. So you can plug it in at your desk even if the nearest outlet is just out of reach. It’s able to function in a variety of places, easy to carry anywhere you want.It packs quite a punch for its small size, the flat little device is big enough to fit your coffee mugs but small enough that it doesn’t take up prime real estate on the table.


Safe design mug warmer 8h auto shutoff

Safe design mug warmer 8h auto shutoff

Safety design coffee mug warmer

Safety design coffee mug warmer

Coffee mug warmer with hot surface reminder sign

Coffee mug warmer with hot surface reminder sign

8h Auto Shut-off

Selavif Mug Warmer has an automatic shut-off, that automatically turns the machine off after 8 hours.

Even if careless to turn it off, no potential fire hazards out of control.

Dissipation Performance & Anti Skid

Heat dissipation performance of our mug coaster is impressive and even after long-time heating, the heating glass surface will cool down in short time to ensure safety.

Four rubber anti-slip pads make your mug stable on the desk.

Noise Free & Visible Hot Surface Sign

Just like your close listening friend, this smart gadget stays in its position silently all the time, while ready to warm your stomach anytime needed. It works very quietly and would not disturb you with noise.

Enjoy your private coffee time!

There is a warm tip on the surface of plate reading “Caution to Hot Surface” for your attention. Take care.

Adds to the ambienceAdds to the ambience

Adds to the ambience

Do you have a tasteful and picturesque little kitchen that you want to organize and decorate even further?

Do you have a special place in your workplace dedicated just to coffee and you want to give it a café’s look and feel?

Then you’d do the right thing in investing in Selavif coffee cup warmer.

【HEATING UP & SLOW DOWN COOLING SPEED】- This coffee mug warmer can slow down the cooling speed of hot beverage and enhances the taste & flavor, wherever and whenever, you can enjoy your favorite drink at the perfect but not-too-hot temperature. Each sip is full of delicious warmth. It could also realize heating cold beverage to 120℉-140℉; A drinkable coffee, tea or cocoa always ready for you; NOTE: It does not support to boil liquids. Designed temperature is for health needs of the human body
【AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF FOR SATETY & WATERPROOF PLATE】- The coffee cup warmer is equipped with 8-hour interval auto shut off. Even if careless to turn it off, no potential fire hazards out of control; The heating plate was covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass, no worry about occasional spill water and quite easy to clean. A thin-walled, flat, or slightly concave-bottomed mug will be for the best results but also suitable for tableware, stainless steel cup, mug, glass cup and etc
【TIMING & TWO-LEVEL TEMPERATURE SETTING】- Selavif cup warmer has two touch buttons for setting power level (P1 or P2) and time before the shut-off. You can just press the left button to set the holding time between 1-12 hours at will. Simply powered and being put your mug on, 18-watt mug warmer with two temperature settings keeps or warms up your liquid temperature to 104℉-122℉(40-50℃) or 122℉-140℉(50-60℃) . Get this coffee warmer to keep your coffee comfortably warm and easy to drink!
【QUICK STEPS TO USE & ADDS TO THE AMBIENCE】- Just plug the adapter into outlet, then put your mug on and choose your wanted heating option, the cup warmer will serve for you; Cute small size is quite convenience to use in office and home. Do you have a special place in your workplace dedicated just to coffee and you want to give it a café’s look and feel? Selavif Coffee Mug Warmer will add a chic (and totally functional) touch to your desk or kitchen table
【BEST GIFT CHOICE】- Beautiful and compact design, keep your stomach warm all day, great helper in happy life. It will be your best gift choice to anyone who loves to have a cup of tea handy at times, and to show your care to your families, lover, friends, boss or coffer lovers on each holiday or other special occasions. Selavif is committed to improve our service always for better end-users’ experience
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