Cabinet Locks Child Safety Latches – Quick and Easy Adhesive Baby Proofing Cabinets Lock and Drawers Latch – Child Safety with No Magnetic Keys to Lose, and No Tools, Drilling or Measuring Required

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Product Description

Don’t fret, our childproof cabinet latches are the answer!

Super easy to install, they will baby proof your cupboards, drawers, and cabinets in seconds!

Don’t let your little one’s curiosity get the best of them, take control of your home safety by locking cabinets, drawers, doors and more with our Universal child safety latches!

Safety Latches work with all types of Cabinets. We engineered this product with you and your child in mind and have incorporated the pros of other safety latches on the market whilst eliminating the cons to make sure risk is not a factor.

Our mission is to not only make sure our products are good but to also ensure our products are safe. The early stages of your little one’s lives are both exciting and nerve-wracking. Let us take the worry out of this adventurous developmental time for your infant.

Keep them Safe, Keep them Happy

Our premium quality latches keep cleaning products, knives and medicines, out of the reach of little fingers! Giving you the peace of mind to know that your kids are safe and giving them the freedom to explore!

Not Just For Kids

Designed to protect your children from harm, these simple to instal cabinet locks can end the worry of waking up to a kitchen that’s been ransacked by your pets! Keep Fido out of the trash, or Spot away from his favourite treats!

Secure Cabinets

Secure Drawers

Invisible When Locked

Keyless Entry

No Tool Fittting

These cabinet locks for babies are simple to use, just peel off the sticker, attach to your cabinet or drawer, then leave overnight to set! No tools needed!
While these baby proof cabinet latches work for most kitchen cabinets, overhanging work surfaces or cabinet surrounds over 1/4″ can prevent access. See images for a visual guide.
Completely invisible when your cabinets are shut, but strong and secure enough to keep your children out of harm, you can child safe your kitchen with child locks that can’t be seen when the doors are shut.
These baby locks make for a great baby shower birth announcement or new baby present New parents will be prepared when their infant begins crawling at 6 months old the suggested time to baby proof
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