Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit Dispenser, MOOSOO Stainless Steel Bread Machine 2LB 18-in-1 Digital Breadmaker with DIY Home Made & Ice Cream Function, 8 Deluxe Accessory kits

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bread machinebread machine

bread machinebread machine

bread machinebread machine


MOOSOO Bread Machine

We are dedicated to producing high-quality, cost-effective products. For this mission, we have established R & D centers in various places. In the past few years we have focused on products like stick vacuum, air fryer, bread machine, electric pressure cooker. Each product has undergone multiple tests by our engineers to provide better Experience. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. Your suggestion will make our product better.

Why choose MOOSOO Bread Machine?

MOOSOO Bread Maker Machine has 18 programs (whole wheat, gluten-free, jam, etc.). With ice cream function and automatic fruit input function. The ceramic coating makes the pan non-stick and easy to clean during cooking. 10 minutes power-off memory and 60 minutes heat preservation function. MOOSOO Bread Machine adopts stainless steel body to ensure safer and more durable and solve your worries.

1.When the bread is just out of the pan, do not touch the bread barrel with your hands to avoid burns.

2.When the device is turned on for the first time, the device may emit a little smoke and emit a special odor. This is normal and will stop soon. Ensure that the Bread Maker is well ventilated.

3.To prevent transference of the non-slip feet to the counter top or heat damage were commend placing the Premium Bread Maker on top of heat-proof mat.

bread machinebread machine

bread machinebread machine

How to make ice cream?

MOOSOO bread machine is matched with ice cream bucket, Bread Machine can change into ice cream machine in seconds. First, we need to freeze the ice cream bucket in the refrigerator for more than 16 hours, then pour the ingredients for making ice cream into the ice cream bucket, then put the ice cream bucket in the bread machine, and select the ICE CREAM function to start making delicious Ice cream too. However, it should be noted that we need to purchase an ice cream bucket separately.

Operation Tutorial:

1. Please plug in the power

2. Press the menu button and select the bread you want to make according to the corresponding number. At the same time, you can choose different weights and different colors of bread.

3. Press the start button to start making bread.

Special Reminder:

1. If you want to switch other functions, please press and hold the STAR button for 3S, and then press the menu button to continue selection.

2. If you want to choose a custom program, you can refer to the manual for specific operations, which will give you a more detailed explanation.

3. The setting requires full finger pressing to realize the operation.

bread machinebread machine

bread machinebread machine

【18 Customized Automatic Programs & Ice Cream Making】MOOSOO bread maker machine has 18 custom programs to choose from (fast food, whole wheat, gluten-free, jam, etc.). It is worth mentioning that our bread machine also has ice cream making function, but you need to purchase additional ice cream bucket accessories to use in order to achieve this function.
【Automatic Fruit Feeding & Non-Stick Ceramic Coating】MOOSOO bread maker has added the function of automatically adding fruit ingredients, just put the fruit ingredients in the fruit trough in advance, and the detachable nut dispenser automatically releases the ingredients at the best time. The addition of ceramic-coated pots and ceramic-coated rotating blades on the stainless steel surface not only makes the pot non-stick during the manufacturing process, but is also easy to clean.
【Intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control & Timing Function & 1 Hour Holding Function】The intuitive digital touch panel makes the operation more convenient. With a timer function of up to 15 hours, you do not worry about making breakfast early, making you sleep more assured. The one-hour warming function allows you to choose a convenient meal time.
【2LB & 600W High Power Fast Baking】MOOSOO stainless steel bread machine has a maximum capacity of 2LB, which can satisfy the meal size for 4-6 people. Equipped with 600W high power, reducing the bread making time, you can bear it quickly without waiting.
【High-quality After-Sales & Value Configuration】 Please feel free to contact us when necessary. You are given free premium accessories, including a recipe, 3 rotating blades, insulated gloves, measuring cup, measuring spoon, and hook. If you want to select the menu button or change a different preset, please press and hold the START/STOP button for 3S. If you have any difficulties in operation, please read the instructions.
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