Body Measurement Tracker: Log & Write Measurements, Keep Track Of Progress Notebook, Record Weight Loss For Diet, Gift, Women & Men Journal, Book

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This Body Measurement Tracker is a perfect way to help you log your measurements. If you’re into exercise & fitness & love a good daily workout at the gym, or if you’re on a diet & just want to keep track of your progress & weight loss, this journal can be a great place to keep all your information in one place. Each page (worksheet) contains space to write:

  • Date
  • Chest
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Left Thigh
  • Right Thigh
  • Left Calf
  • Right Calf
  • Weight
  • Notes – Great for writing your food intake, set goals, fat intake, plan, monitoring, emotions, how you feel, etc or whatever you wish to write.

Makes great presents for both men & women to give as a gift. If you measure weekly, there’s enough spaces for over 2 years. A great way to to get healthy is to be aware of your body changes as you progress towards your goal. Size is 8×10 inches, 112 pages, soft matte finish cover, white paper, paperback.

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