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Our Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oil Set has eight (10 mL every) basic oils. One of the numerous things we love about basic oils is their adaptability. Our oils can be utilized independently or consolidated for fragrance based treatment, skin mending and molding, and in any event, repulsing bugs! Extraordinary for voyaging, endowments, or encountering a smidgen of everything in your oil assortment.


(1). Lavender: The substance of unadulterated tranquility and unwinding with a light, inspiring fragrance

(2). Peppermint: Calming fragrance will liven up the brain, body, and soul

(3). Tea Tree: Antiseptic properties, animating and invigorating fragrance

(4). Eucalyptus: Naturally mitigating, incredible for the sinus and its invigorating fragrance

(5). Lemongrass: An incredible spice for instigating unwinding and balance for the psyche

(6). Orange: Promotes uplifting mentalities and prompts unwinding for a quiet soul

(7). Frankincense: Aids in unwinding and rest, re-balances the brain

(8). Rosemary: Stimulates hair development, controls slick and dry skin