BAGEL Pie Labs Smart Tape Measure for Your Body – Easy Goal Setting for Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, and Fitness via Digital Tape Measure App and Measuring Tape for Body

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The Bagel Pie Smart Tape Measure is the first easy read tape measure with an app to track your progress. Measurements place more emphasis on body composition than weight. Studies have proven that weight alone does not indicate the total picture of a person’s health. In fact, the distribution of fat on the body, such as the waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage, offer a clear understanding of a person’s health. By keeping track of the progress in your body, you can hold yourself accountable and build a sustainable diet and exercise regimen to maintain your healthy physique. We’ve all heard the old saying “muscle weighs more than fat.” Sometimes, the scale doesn’t budge and we wonder what we’re working toward. Or, even worse, the weight creeps up instead of down. With measurement tracking, you can see where this weight is distributed in the body. The Bagel Smart Tape Measure App records the exact measurement of your bicep, bust, waist, hips, and thighs and creates line graphs that show your progress over periods of a week, month, and year so you can keep a close eye on your results. Accountability is the key to maintaining a healthy diet and fitness regimen. Retractable tape and a locking mechanism ensure that you get the most accurate reading even when you are measuring hard-to-reach areas that are typically challenging with an ordinary body measuring tape. The soft and thin material is more pliable than typical tape measures as well, for exact circumference.

✔ TRACK PROGRESS – The Bagel Pie Smart Tape Measure pairs with the PIE for Healthcare Tape Measure App. You can easily set your goals and keep yourself accountable by tracking your progress in the easy to read tape measure chart and graphs.
✔ BODY COMPOSITION ASSESSMENT – Weight alone is not an accurate indicator of body fat percentage vs. lean body mass. With the Bagel Pie Digital Tape Measure, you track the changes in your body composition, such as your waist-to-hip ratio, in order to establish a clear picture of overall health.
✔ EASY READ TAPE MEASURE – The most accurate measurement guaranteed. The tape measure automatically reports your stats directly to your app, and can report your measurements in your preferred method, either as a metric tape measure or in the Imperial measurement system.
✔ IMPORTANT STATS – The Tape Measure Chart App keeps track of seven different critical body parts for measuring progress. Keep track of changes in your biceps, calves, hips, thighs, waist, shoulders, and bust. Notice progress and changes in body composition for a more accurate picture of total body transformation over time.
✔ TRACK UP TO 100 PEOPLE – The Pie App can track up to 100 people and stores different goals and progress under each account. Use your device to track progress for your family members and workout buddies to keep everyone on track with their fitness goals. Motivation and community can really help to support a healthy body.
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