Baby Sleep Soothers, Baby White Noise Machine and Sleeping Aid.Toddler Sleep Aid Night Light,10 Soothing Lullaby,Portable Stuffed Teddy,Baby Sleep Aid Toy (Monkey)

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The cute soothing Monkey is a good friend to comfort your baby to sleep!

When the baby gently squeezes its belly, it will glow and emit a lullaby.

The baby will fall asleep quietly in the soft light and soothing light music, which makes the mother more worry-free.

The music box can be removed, and the Monkey can be easily cleaned, When the baby begins to grow up with the little Monkey, it will become the perfect companion and emotional protector for the child during childhood.

(We are equipped with a screwdriver but no batteries, you need to bring 3 1.5V AAA batteries)

【Soft Night Light】The music box in the soothing Monkey belly is warm yellow in the light mode, and the light in the music comfort mode is a three-color gradient light. The light is soft and will not harm the baby’s eyes. which provides a dreamlike atmosphere for babies sleep and comforts them to fall asleep.
【Auto Power Off Timer】With 10, 20 and 40 minutes of automatic power off timer, you can select the desired music playing time, and it will automatically turn off after reaching this time, thereby saving battery power.
【Washable】The soothing has a strap design, which can be hung on the bed or stroller to keep it with the baby at all times.The music box is removable, we can clean the Monkey Plush toy. The Monkey is very soft and can be washed directly in the washing machine.
【Perfect Gift】can understand the cause and effect relationship by gently pressing the baby’s abdomen to activate the sound. The soft material is comfortable and fully meets safety standards. All the hard parts of the doll are hidden and the baby can hug it safely. This is the best playmate and the perfect gift for babies.
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