Baby Musical TV Remote Control Toy with Light and Sounds, Early Education Learning Toy for 6 Months+ Infants, Toddlers, Babies, Language Development Toy from Number 0-9 in English, French, Spainsh

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Baby Musical TV Remote Control Toy
Babies like to grab the TV remote from parents due to curiosity and the desire of exploring.
It may cause some uncomfortable feelings when parents want to enjoy TV time.
The fake TV remote control toy looks like the real TV remote, but it is more attractive for infants and toddlers will like it.

Learning Starts with Exploration
The baby TV remote control toy encourages early age learning, it arouses toddler’s curiosity, stimulates the baby’s brain development, especially enforce the development of hearing and sighting ability, training hand-eyes coordination.
The TV remote toy catches the toddler’s attention, including sound and a soft light flashing.
Playing the TV remote control toy is another way to explore the real-life world for toddlers.

Twenty-four Channel Keys to Explore
Like real TV remote control, the remote control toy has twenty-four channel keys on the button layout.
Pressing each button to make different unique sounds and soft red light will flash.
Toddlers will have much more fun when playing the remote toy.

Four Modes Switching
Totally four modes to switch, including music mode and three language modes (English, French, Spanish).
Switching to music mode, then press any button from 0-9, the remote toy will make different real TV sound effects.
Switching to language Mode (English Mode, French Mode, Spanish Mode), then press any button from 0-9, it will pronounce the number in a specific language.
It inputs the sound of language and stimulates toddlers to learn to pronounce numbers.

Best Gifts for Babies
When infants start to walk, once they see the television,
most babies will want to get the remote control and start to play just like adults do.

So why don’t we give babies the TV remote control toy?

The TV remote control which belongs to themselves.

Music and Sound Remote Control Toy: The TV remote control toy looks like the real TV remote. It contains 24 channel keys and soft light for your baby to explore. Each button can make a unique sound. Pressing the music button to switch music mode then it will make different real TV sound effects. Your kids can enjoy the fun of imitation while playing with the baby remote control toy.
Early Education Learning Toy: The baby remote control toy is an early education remote toy. Toddler’s above 6 months is sensitive to color and sound. Colored buttons and different sound effects can satisfy your kid’s curious nature, strengthen the sense of hearing and sighting. By playing the remote control toy, also improve the baby’s hand-eye coordination and cognition ability.
3 Different Language Modes: The remote control toy can pronounce the number 0-9 in 3 different languages (English, French and Spanish). Basic number pronunciation can stimulate toddlers and babies to learn how to pronounce numbers in 3 languages at an early age.
High Quality and Safety: The remote control toys are made of durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free top-grade ABS plastic materials. It has a cover with a screw. Therefore, the baby cannot touch the batteries. NOTE: the batteries not included!
Best Gift: Easy to use, small buttons and size are designed for babies’ little hands. This baby remote control toy is a perfect gift for toddlers and babies. Your kids will put a big smile on a cute little face if they receive the gift.
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