Baby Mirror for Car, Back Seat Baby Car Camera with Night Vision, View Infant in Rear Facing Seat with 4.3-Inch HD Display, Observe The Baby’s Every Move at Any Time while Driving

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baby car camera for back seatbaby car camera for back seat

car camera for baby rear facingcar camera for baby rear facing

baby car camera for back seatbaby car camera for back seat



FEISIKE is committed to the research of baby safe travel products, to bring you and your children more interesting and practical products.

FEISIKE baby car mirror,Car Baby Camera Monitor

Improve the safety factor for your travel

Safety Car Seat Mirror Camera with 4.3” HD, Wide Crystal Clear View, Night Vision, Not Need to Turn Around,The cigarette lighter supports 12v-24v

Safety & Durability-You can look after your baby in the rear seat at any time through the screen.

Night Vision-Provide you with a clear vision even when driving at night

Best Visual Angle-The angle of the camera can be adjusted up and down

Stable and Smooth-The display screen is clear and smooth with real-time update.

Cigarette lighter – 12-24 V, suitable for all models

Wide Crystal Clear View

Wide Crystal Clear View



Perfect Perspective For Baby

Perfect Perspective For Baby

Adjust 180 Degrees Up and Down

The camera can rotate down 60 degrees, down 60 degrees, more convenient for you to adjust the angle of view, more clearly see the baby’s action.

It Can Be Placed Anywhere

The screen can be placed on the center console or pasted on the front windshield,It can be placed according to your driving habits

Best Perspective For Baby

The FEISIKE baby car camera monitor with a 4.3-inch HD display can furnish you with a wider field of perspective no matter in the day or at night.

baby showerbaby shower

Night Vision

Wide View

High Definition

★【SAFE DRIVING】Unlike other car seat mirrors, our display screen can be placed on the center console of the car, which allows us to see our children without looking back when driving, which will improve the safety index of the car, so we can feel safe and secure as parents.
★【NIGHT VISION FUNCTION】You can see more clearly through the screen even when driving at night, because the camera facing the baby has night vision function, so that you can see your baby at any time, and your worries and uneasiness can be eliminated.
★【EASY INSTALLTION】 No tools are needed during installation, and the camera can be easily adjusted just by tying it to the headrest. Then install the display screen, just plug in the cigarette lighter and turn it on. The display will automatically turn on and switch to the baby’s back seat. It is suitable for most car models.
★【BETTER VISION】The display is 4.3 inches, which can be positioned according to your driving habits. The viewing angle of the rear seat camera is 120 degrees, which can be adjusted up and down to present the most perfect angle and the best quality picture for you.
★【FIRM & STABLE】This camera mirror is superior to other baby carriage rearview mirrors after special design. Therefore, there will be no vibration, and movement during driving, which will make you and your newborn always travel stably, interestingly and without pressure, thus ensuring your safety.
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