BABY K Foot Finder Socks & Wrist Rattles (4 Pieces) – Newborn Toys for Baby Boy or Girl – Brain Development Infant Toys – Hand and Foot Rattles Suitable for 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 Months Babies

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Crinkling companionsCrinkling companions

Perfect stimulation for your little prodigy







Patterns to entice touching and exploring

Did you know that parental touch on your child’s hand can reduce their heart rate and blood pressure? In the early development of physical and communication skills, touching and sensing are crucial activities to help your baby convey their wants and needs. Stimulate your little one’s sense of touch with our textured wrist rattles!

Crinkling sounds to promote auditory development

Notice how the tinkling of wind chimes or ticking of clocks may amuse your little one? At around 5 months, babies begin to seek out sound sources via head-turning or eye movement. To help develop their sense of sound, our foot finders and wrist rattles produce gentle crinkling, jingling noises that will be sure to excite.

Stimulate both gross and fine motor skills

As your child’s nervous system and muscle control start getting in sync, their movements will transition from quick and jerky to smooth and intentional. Strengthen your infant’s muscle development and motor skills with our foot finder socks, which encourage them to raise their legs, kick and even crawl.

suitable for newborn babysuitable for newborn baby

Exquisitely packedExquisitely packed

A lot of love goes into our product packaging so that you can send your love to new families and new parents.

For an effortless gifting experience, choose our foot finders and wrist rattles. We incorporate thoughtful messaging into our designs to ensure a hassle-free gift is ready for delivery!

🧠 STIMULATES BABY’S SENSES – The bright colors and contrasting patterns of our wrist rattles for infants help stimulate your little one’s visual development and color cognition. With adorable crinkling bug friends attached to each wearable rattle, these baby toys are sure to keep them entertained for hours on end
🦶 DEVELOPS BABY’S MOTOR SKILLS – Besides aiding in brain development, our educational newborn toys encourage gross motor skills to be built too. The cute ladybug and butterfly will entice your baby to grab and kick; stimulating hand, eye and foot coordination. Truly an all-inclusive sensory playtime experience!
😄 EASY TO PUT ON & REMOVE – These ergonomically-designed wrist rattles can wrap around your little one’s wrist safely and securely. Fastened easily with velcro, they’re the perfect size for newborn babies’ hands so you don’t have to worry about them falling off mid-play
🦋 ENGAGING COMPANIONS – The whimsical characters on our wrist rattles for babies will keep your first stage infant happy and occupied when you’re on the road! Featuring spider, butterfly, ladybug and bee friends, your baby is sure to have fun with their new buddies even in a car seat or stroller
🎁 THE IDEAL BABY GIFT – Jingling baby foot rattles are a perfect choice for parents that want to enhance the sensory development of their babies. Suitable as a baby shower gift or newborn congratulatory gift, new families are sure to appreciate these soft infant toys for their bundle of joy
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