Automotive Engine Cylinder Leak Leakdown Compression Tester Detector Kit w/Gauge

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Deal Score+1
26.45 48.64 Buy It Now

This thing is Designed to distinguish an assortment of normal motor deficiencies. counting: Worn cylinder rings, worn valves, breaks in chamber dividers and blown head gaskets. Accessible with either Single measure or twin check complex. Gauge(s) show % of chamber spillage or chamber spillage and chamber .pressure. Appropriate for use on any petroleum motor with 10, 12 or 14mm sparkle plugs.


  1. This hole down measure peruses 0 to 100% spillage in 5% increases
  2. Info and spillage checks with rubber treated lodging
  3. Perfect for testing trucks and late model vehicles where leeway is minima
  4. Analyzer checks the measure of spillage in a motor chamber and decides the source
  5. Best utilized when contrasting a speculate chamber with a known decent chamber on same motor
  6. Furnished with 2-1/2″ input pressure check for legitimate spillage test arrangement and precise outcomes


  1. Air Pressure: 0-7 BAR, 0-100 PSI
  2. Metric Adapter: M12x1.25
  3. Metric Adapter: M14x1.5

Package Includes:
1 x Engine Cylinder Leak Tester Kit