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Adding Store or Website is Highly Recommended for Branding and Great Exposure!

For a nominal one time fee of $30 you can add your store and submit unlimited deals associated with your store.

This could be your store as an example

Why would you add your store?

1. Your store will appear in the Top Merchants of our Home page for a period of time.

2. Google loves deal websites and your store will be optimized for SEO giving you great exposure on Search Engines.

3. Visitors can type on the search bar and your deals can show up depending on what deals or products you sell with more exposure for your store.

4. You can post unlimited deals on your store forever.

5. When you post deals or offers, your offers appear in the latest Top Deals every time you post with your store associated with it. Your offer can appear in latest deals in homepage, sidebar and related deals

6. Having a store is great for branding.

7. Your Store is permanent and you can always access the link associated with your products or services just like the sample above.

8. Add your Store before we limit or change it to subscription service at any time.

9. By taking advantage of this great offer, you are grand fathered and won’t be subject to any more charges or subscription in the future.


NOTE: Affiliates are welcome. Your store or website must not violate our terms and conditions. For complete list and types of stores, offers or websites allowed or prohibited, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

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