Achieve Lasting Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting and Circadian Rhythms

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What if I told you that you could lose weight quickly and easily, and keep it off even if you have been trying, and failing, to achieve this for years, or even decades?
What if I could share with you a simple, effective strategy that WORKED?
Impossible? Not at all. You too can achieve your lifetime ambition to become thinner, healthier and full of energy.
Fasting is one of the world’s oldest and most natural methods of healing. Intermittent fasting is a modern take on this ancient practice.
When we fast, we begin a process that affects every cell and tissue in our bodies, a detox like nothing we have ever before experienced. Working in harmony with our hormones and our circadian rhythms, we are amazed at how easily the fat melts away. Afterwards, we stay with fasting for the other benefits, including enhanced concentration, sharper brain function and an incredible feeling of well-being.
After many years as a teacher, where Maureen Moran worked at all levels from primary school to university. She later qualified as a life and business coach. In her practice, she worked with many people whose lives were affected by weight and body issues, compulsions and addiction. Now she wants to share with you the knowledge and experience she has accumulated. Step by step, she explains to you how you can make fasting work for you, freeing you from the pain and frustration of forever trying yet another diet in a downward spiral of failure.
This book is for you if:
You have been overweight for much of your adult life
You are sick and tired of diets, food plans and calorie restriction
You’re open to the idea that being healthy is about much more than the number on a scale.
If you fit this profile, I can promise you a brighter, better future.

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